1800 E. Mountain Street
Pasadena, CA 91104

Phone: (626) 798-0911
Fax: (626) 798-0568


Class 3 - Older Three's / Young Four's

Recognition:  Numbers 1-20, Letters Aa-Zz.
Review: Shapes and Colors.
Writing with a Pencil: Sticks, Circles, Letters, and Numbers.

Instruction:  Verbal direction on class papers.

Pre-School Schedule

7:30-8:00 Arrival - families are greeted in the round room
8:00 Potty and wash while other teachers are setting up playground
8:15 Playtime
9:00 Time to lineup and go to their classroom.
Circle time - roll call and snack
Class time
10:15 Potty and wash
10:25 Song time
10:45 Get ready for lunch
11:00 Lunch time
11:30 Playtime
12:15 Nap time
2:30 Potty and wash
3:00 Afternoon snack, art and play
4:50 - 5:30 Time to get all of our belongings together and go to TV room.